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Luiti Callealta carried the cooking "gene" in his body. Methodical, orderly, married with two children, with a perfectly trimmed beard, he points out that in his family there was already a "love" for this world.

In fact, his grandfather, Luis Callealta, was head chef at the Hotel Atlántico. «He died when I was 16 years old. I still remember the rice pudding I used to make»

Evolution… Ciclos

He spent almost five years with Berasategui, when he came to Cádiz to embark on the project of Aponiente, cuando todavía estaba en su antigua ubicación en la calle Puerto Escondido. Ha vivido toda la evolución de Angel León y ha llegado a ser estos últimos años su hombre de confianza en la cocina hasta el punto de ser el director gastronómico de los 4 establecimientos del grupo. 

He has been ascending in the company "and I am very happy with everything that I have experienced there." There is a dish to which he is particularly fond, la tortillita de camarones, un plato que ha ido perfeccionando cada temporada en el restaurante.

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Letter to Cádiz

Ciclo constante de vida es el que vivimos todos, la vida no es vida sin vida y por eso hay que saber saborearla, paladearla, sentirla, compartirla…

Since I was little I have felt something special for my land, many will think like me, that is what is beautiful.

The beautiful thing is to wake up and be close to your loved ones, the beautiful thing is to breathe the aroma of your childhood, the beautiful thing is to feel that the tranquility that appeases your soul is fed by the happiness that overflows your most intrinsic feelings.

The beautiful thing is to walk through the streets that I have stepped on a thousand times and that provide security to my way of being, my way of being, my being, I not only owe it to my land, nor my relatives, especially to my wonderful lineage that It makes me emotional when I think about them.

Being Cádiz is being yourself, being what you want is legal, especially in a city where the aromas, colors and feelings on the surface are experienced every month of the year.

My kitchen is all of this, it is the cycle of life, it is my life, it is the work and learning of years out of the cup, now more than ever I am myself, it is not that it has not been before, it is simply that now I am myself in my natural habitat.

Hoy es el primer día del resto de mi vida, tras escribir estas líneas, ya que voy a encender los fogones en el centro neurálgico de esta ciudad fenicia, en el corazón de uno de los barrios mas puros.

Today my cycle does not begin, today it continues...


Luis Callealta