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Candidatos a Cocinero Revelación de Madrid Fusión 2021

Revelation Chef Candidates 2021 Madrid Fusión

The candidates for 'Chef Revelation' in Madrid Fusion 2021 are: Julen Baz, Luis Callealta, Lara Roguez, Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo, Juan Guillamon, Carlos Perez de Rozas, Sergio and Mario Toffe, Dani Malavia and Roseta Felix. Meet the winner or winners of the.

Los jóvenes y su nuevo mundo

Young people and their new world

Once upon a time there was a Basque, an Andalusian, an Asturian, a Murcian, a Catalan, two from Madrid, two from La Mancha, two from Valencia... Although it may seem like it, it is not the start of an old children's joke. It is the lineup of finalists for the 'Revelation Chef' award granted by...

Madrid Fusión, un trampolín para jóvenes talentos.

Madrid Fusion, a springboard for young talents.

In addition to a summit with the great names of world cuisine, Madrid Fusión has been an unbeatable springboard for young talents since its first edition. Ricard Camarena, Dabiz Muñoz, Rodrigo de la Calle, Javi Estévez, Diego Gallegos and Camila Ferraro received the...

Jóvenes cocineros de los que se hablará en 2021

Young chefs to be talked about in 2021

Eleven young chefs who will have to be followed in order to take the pulse of the evolution of Spanish cuisine. Among them, Luiti Callealta. Luiti Callealta owner and chef of Ciclo (Cádiz) He is not a kid, who starts, but it doesn't matter,...

Aperturas que prometen

Openings that promise

Three chefs: Luis Callealta (Cádiz), Juan Viu (Barbate) and Fran Oliva (Jerez) will hold promising openings in the province of Cádiz. The month of December brings three restaurant openings that promise to bring joy to the gastronomic world of the province....

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